Remembering The Time Of Death – English Translation And Explanation Of Urdu Verses

Urdu language is one of the sweetest languages of the world. It is believed that more than hundred countries of the world recognize the importance of this language.It has its own identity, beauty, value and importance. Having been originated from different parts of the world, the writers and the poets have produced great literary works in the Urdu language that stand to benefit the individuals in all their humble walks of life.

The quality of a good poetry is that it teaches and delights its readers while it changes our experiences of perceiving the things around us. With its artistic beauties, it gives us pleasure. It is readily understandable. Even if it’s short verses but encompasses greater and deeper meaning to motivate inner thoughts and feelings. One such example of good verses may be taken herein. The following are the verses of one of my elderly friends, Mr. Rizwan Askari, whose poetry is simple, easy to understand and lessonable.

Original Verses:
“Jitne sabak thay yaad faramosh hogae
Jab zindgani mauth ke panje mai


All worldly affairs I remember, were forgotten
When life came to grips with death.

In the above verses, the poet seems to have emphasized the need for remembering the time of death - that is usually ignored by us. We are so engrossed in worldly affairs that we never pay attention to this fact that death may knock us at any time. It is absolutely true that everyone dies but not everyone lives.

The poet represents the reality of life that every individual gets totally entangled with his own business forgetting everything else. That is to say, everyone gets engaged with the accumulation of wealth, social status and name to live with. In doing so, he is so busy in his life that he does not realize

the fact that one day he has to die. When death approaches, all that one has possessed will not do any good to him except for his good deeds and actions.

It is true that so long as we are in the world, we need to believe in this materialistic life that is based on cause and effect. As such, we must try our level best to improve our life; while it is also true that in doing so, we should not forget that one day we have to die. It is therefore important to remember our death as often as we can and to live life accordingly. One must remember that one has to meet the Almighty God finally and stand accountable for his or her deeds performed in his or her earthly life.

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