Self-esteem Versus Self-centeredness

Much difference is there between a person who has confidence in his own merit as an individual; who has a feeling of being happy with his own character and abilities and a person who tends to think only about himself and does not think about the needs or feelings of other people.

Self-esteem signifies the former and the latter, self-centeredness. What noticeable difference is the former is behaved out of deference to his quality and the latter is always disliked and frowned upon. Hence, you must be a self-confessed person to this assertion that you are to be categorized amid those who fall in the former group. It would thus be only then your life can bring you glad tidings. In this way, you would continue striding along the ways of success and those who are in the second group are likely to face disappointments due to their misleading notions.

Mostly it happens

so that selfish people stand away even from the sweet smell of real success. If at all they have any achievements – that is almost never, the pleasure of their achievements will not be long lasting but time being. And soon, they have to realize their fallacies. True, the success is the achievement of something planned or attempted. It is something that turns out as planned or intended. When the intention associated with self-centeredness is not neat, how can there be any achievement as has been intended?

As regards self-esteem, having it is a self-evidence of maintaining self-image that in turn earns respect on the basis of this quality. The one who maintains self-esteem

is always watchful about his personality and sets his objectives of life accordingly. He is never inclined to do such things that may spoil his image as well as others’. It is important for him to know and respect self to know and respect others. It is for this reason that he cannot do such things that are bad for him, thinking that, they are also bad for others.

One must build one’s self-esteem, as it will lead to have confidence in one’s own merit as an individual and so one can have impressive achievements in life. Respecting oneself and being happy with own character is such a thing that can let one have the same view point for others showing the due respect and care for others being concerned with their interests as well, as opposed to those who tend to concentrate selfishly.

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K. A. Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)

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